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Services for groups...

Tell Your Story!

Unsure where to begin?

Need a little 'motivation jumpstart'?

With my Tell Your Story workshop, I'll have you zeroing in on the story that only YOU can tell. 

This is ideal for critique groups or writing groups as it's designed for everyone to share and bounce ideas around.

Book Light Meditation

Looking for a special, one of a kind event for your critique group or book club?

Consider the Book Light Meditation.

As I guide your group through a visualization that centers on books, reading, and/or writing, you'll find yourself tuning in to the frequencies of love and light that the book community spreads, world wide. 

IndiePub Sage (5).png

Services for authors...

Stack of Books

IndiePublishing Sage

Never pound your keyboard in frustration over IngramSpark's website again.

New this year, in 2021, I'm offering my several years of experience to guide you through creating your account, and listing your books.*

Lined Up Books

Bowker Sage

Need your ISBN assigned through Bowker? Don't know where to begin? I got you!

Services start at a free email consult to answer questions and end with a more hands on approach.*

Several Open Books

Revision Sage

Looking for an honest review of your manuscript?

An in depth application of my revision Oracle schema coupled with light hearted comments and actual story suggestions for your consideration.

Through The Book Sage, all book things are possible. ~Adams 42:5

*additional levels of this service exist, such a 'done for you' options.

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