About me...? If I must.

Aside from teenage poems agonizing over lost love, wanting different parents (cause who didn't as a teenager), or willing my gangly body to grow out of the awkward phases it always seemed to be in, I didn't start writing seriously until my late thirties.

Also known as 'recently', cosmically speaking.

Now, I write because I've finally found the thing that if I don't do it every day, I feel weak and disconnected from my life and the world. While it sounds horrible as I read over what I just wrote, it's actually the best feeling in the world. 


In between ferrying homeschooled children to and from various classes, groups and events, I squeeze in writing time. While traveling about with my husbands Navy career, I squeeze in writing time. Before the laundry gets folded (and somedays before the kids get fed), I squeeze in writing time. Late at night when my brain is swimming with ideas or dialogue or characters or descriptions, I squeeze in writing time. 

Looking to be in the know?