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Dr. Moose

Dr. Moose Rainbow of Feelings series includes 7 books and a workbook.

Each picture book focuses on one of our seven basic emotions (anger, joy, surprise, disgust, genius, fear, & sadness).

Each books presentation is silly, thoughtful, interactive, and educational.

For more information or to inquire about scheduling, reach out at

Peace, Love, & Rock A Pineapple Lu Story

A fun story about a pineapple who is trying to make art out of different hand signs but she keeps getting confused.

Pineapple Lu presentations focus on either positive mindset (which Pineapple Lu keeps throughout the book), or observation skills (which Pickle Ed has and Pineapple Lu lacks).


Base Brats

Currently a series of 4 early chapter books, Base Brats follows the children of a military family as they navigate life.

Presentation focuses on understanding, empathy, communication, and laughter, and how the Evans kids use those things to grow great lives. 

(this presentation is great for communities with military kids)

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