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Found a Key

A bit of Fan Fiction found me last year and while I'm quite certain I will never do it again. I enjoyed writing this more than I expected.


You don't have to like it, as long as you finish it. (to paraphrase Ronald Dahl) ;) 

Wafty Smells

What happens when you day dream about future children and how they will fit into your family? Stories like this one. That's what. 

Ibonie meets Orion

A little back story on some pretty big characters in the first novel I ever started. Someday? I may even get to finish it.

Lucky Charms

Mel's students love her charm bracelet. If only they knew how she gets the charms, they may never let her teach another day.




~In a world void of imagination, a Day Dream is something you buy on the black market. Being a Day Dreamer is a revered yet dangerous profession.


~In a world void of color, Day Dreaming in Color makes you a preciously sought after commodity. But her real secret? That could get her killed.