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Writing, & drawing, & publishing, Oh my!

After publishing over 20 titles, I'm excited to stop by and share some of this knowledge with students. Wether they are looking to become authors, explore possibilities in publishing, or just practice some curriculum aligned exercises (writing, character/story development, formatting, pagination, etc), I'm happy to help.

Social Emotional Learning

Using one of Dr. Moose (it's an alias, shocking, I know) Rainbow of Feelings picture books, this presentation focuses on one of our basic emotions (anger, joy, surprise, disgust, genius, fear, sadness). Even though my SEL presentations were developed for preschoolers, older school agers also enjoy them. Really, anyone who loves a picture book and has human emotions can enjoy these presentations. ;)


Military Kids Life

Currently a series of 4 early chapter books, Base Brats follows the children of a military family as they navigate life.

Presentation focuses on understanding, empathy, communication, and laughter, and how the Evans kids use those things to grow great lives. 

(this presentation is great for communities with military kids)

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