Base Brats know a thing or two about life. You move more than most, say good bye like a pro, and can prep an entire home for household goods before lunch. You attend more schools in your childhood than most of us can claim. You watch a parent (or 2) serve their country by being away from their family more than a parent should ever be required to be.

Base Brats are the strongest members of a military family.


This weekly journal is a place for you to record your thoughts, to say what you think, to speak your mind.

With guided prompts to get you started and a few well deserved coloring breaks, the next year will be full of introspection, getting to know yourself, and maybe making a few discoveries along the way.

Base Brats: Speak Your Mind

  • The first Base Brats journal. Designed for the military kid to reflect on their life. Good and... not so good. It all has an effect on us so why not consider it?

  • Shipping available to all locations and included in price.