Holiday Helpers - I Just Wanna Help!

After missing the deadline to submit my halloween story... which was amaze-balls b.t.dubs ;) I vowed NOT to miss this deadline.

Writing this piece came fairly naturally, as Poppy and Daisy are quite familiar characters to me.

Writing within the 250 word limit wasn't even a huge derailment. After writing 100 for the halloween story, I naturally slipped into planning/plotting mode before I even started typing. The idea came quick, I narrowed down obstacles and only had to remove ONE interaction to get within the word count.

These contests are definitely developing my succinction (is that a word? I don't think it is... well, I just made it one) skills. Thanks to Julie and her entire team of helpers for hosting.

So! Without further delay,

I Just Wanna Help

by Persephone Jayne

Poppy bounced into the kitchen, the smell of Winter Solstice dinner leading her,

“Mom, is there anything I can do?”

“Chopping, I don’t need a hand right now.”

Poppy walked outside, “Dad, Mom doesn’t need a sous chef right now but I’m good at landscaping.”

“Can you support that branch?”

“Can’t reach,” Poppy grunted.

“Then I’m on my own, kiddo.”

“K,” Poppy said with a droop.

“What about your big brother, can you aid him at all?”

“He’s at Carls.”

“Try your sister?”

Poppy groaned her way back inside and slunk up the stairs, crawling on hands and knees. She flopped in front of the closed bedroom door, “Daisy, are you in need of assistance?”

“Poppy! Go away! You’ll ruin the surprise. This isn’t a cooperative effort.”

Poppy went back to the porch and plopped on the top step. No one needed her so she would just have to sit alone all day. “I just wanna help!” She shouted to the sky.

Dad grunted from the ladder in the yard.

“You can do it Dad!” She called. “Don’t fall down.”

“Thanks for the encouragement, Sweet. And the advice.”

“Wait, did I just help?”

“Sure did.”

Poppy ran back inside, “Mom, that’s goooood chopping you’re doing.”

“Thanks, Flower.”

“Daisy!” Poppy yelled from the bottom of the stairs, “You’re doing a great job creating something wonderful!

“You can’t even see it, Poppy!”

“Still doing great!”

Daisy’s quiet, “Thanks” drifted down the stairs and told Poppy, she had helped.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my submission.

Happy Holidays,

~Persephone Jayne

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